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Опыт работы с 1984 года


The interior design of apartments, designed and implemented by the studio «ZUBENKO INTERIOR» - thoughtful, timeless and most importantly personal.

Profession designer in some way help a particular person to find himself.

The design project of a private house of country is necessary for the transformation of the notorious "square meters of living space" in a cozy and comfortable space where you want to live "happily ever».

All the designs of the hotel are aimed at creating a balance of beauty and style.

Elegant simplicity and straight lines of the interior - an ideal space for new thoughts, ideas, and your inspiration.

The stylish and memorable interior of the restaurant, its corresponding concept - is both a measure of taste of its owners, and the key to success.

Small architectural forms are like a drop of honey, in which all the skills, knowledge and general level of mastery of the author's material are visible.

Interior - as high art
Jurij Zubenko The head of the studio, co-author
Olga Scherbakova Decorators, co-author

«Art design studio Yuri Zoubenko" - studio, working in the field of interior design since 1995 and having a 200 implemented projects

In the studio you will find a portfolio of work for the most demanding customers - from city apartments, restaurants, offices, stores up to country houses, cottages and hotels.

The format of the studio makes it possible to concentrate on every order, carefully treating every detail and each node, bringing them to the level of exclusivity.