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Опыт работы с 1984 года


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    The interior design of apartments, designed and implemented by the studio «ZUBENKO INTERIOR» - thoughtful, timeless and most importantly personal.

    Profession designer in some way help a particular person to find himself.

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    The design project of a private house of country is necessary for the transformation of the notorious "square meters of living space" in a cozy and comfortable space where you want to live "happily ever».

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    All the designs of the hotel are aimed at creating a balance of beauty and style.

    Elegant simplicity and straight lines of the interior - an ideal space for new thoughts, ideas, and your inspiration.

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    Offices, restaurants

    The stylish and memorable interior of the restaurant, its corresponding concept - is both a measure of taste of its owners, and the key to success.

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    small architectural forms

    Small architectural forms are like a drop of honey, in which all the skills, knowledge and general level of mastery of the author's material are visible.

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