127055, RUSSIA Mr. Ul. Palikha 9/1
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Опыт работы с 1984 года


small architectural forms

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    Author's fireplace
    In this living room, the fireplace is the core of the entire compositional solution. Its structure is designed to contain the entire stylistic construction of the stained glass ceiling, glass doors to the library, windows, furniture, glass partitions and all other components.
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    Cast iron canopy over the entrance with a glass roof
    The cast-iron canopy is a continuation and dominant of the general style of the forged fencing of the staircase, terrace and balconies of this country house. Its glass roof (red-hot triplix) excludes darkening of the section of the three-flight staircase and the entire entrance group. The side sections of the landing are also covered with vertical, tempered glass, which protects it from snow and rain.
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    Author's BBQ-zone built into a stone column.
    The grand idea of this solution is in the organic interspersing of the BBQ zone into the rectangular column of the house. Thus, the BBQ area becomes a natural built-in part of the overall architectural complex.
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